Personal Information Privacy Policy

The Child & Family Collaborative (C&FC) is committed to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us by our patrons. We will not divulge your personal information to anyone unless provided by you for a specific purpose.

This policy applies to C&FC and to any person providing services on our behalf. A copy of this policy is provided to any patron on request.

What is personal information?

Personal information means information about an individual which could identify them. This includes an individual’s name, home address and phone number, age, sex, marital or family status, an identifying number, e-mail address, financial information, employer, etc

What personal information do we collect?

We collect only the personal information that we need for the purposes of providing services to our patrons, including personal information needed to:

  • deliver requested products and services.
  • enroll a patron in a program.
  • surveys
  • send out association information.

We normally collect personal information directly from our patrons. Personal information may come via your employer; however, we assume your consent in these cases.

We inform our clients, before or at the time of collecting personal information, of the purposes for which we are collecting the information. The only time we do not provide this notification is when a client volunteers information for an obvious purpose (for example, signing up for a program or producing a credit card to pay for a program when the information will be used only to process the payment).

Credit card information/payment is not stored and will not be used unless specifically authorized by the patron.


We assume your consent in cases where you volunteer information for an obvious purpose. We ask for consent to collect, use or disclose client personal information, except in specific circumstances where collection, use or disclosure without consent is authorized.

We assume your consent to continue to use and, where applicable, disclose personal information that we have already collected, for the purpose for which the information was collected.