Aurora, ON

Preschool Canada


Position Title

Support Staff and RECE

Job Details

We seek a Social worker/RECE/ECA candidate to work in our preschool setting, providing whole group, small group, 1:1 support and behavior management in the classroom. The candidate will benefit from working within a multi-disciplinary team of experts and with the help and support of our Preschool Team.
• Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work as a team player
• Good oral communication skills
• Basic organizational skills, record keeping skills
• Ability to follow instructions
• Flexibility and adaptability to changing situations
• Ability to present a positive attitude and work ethic
• Ability to provide personal care for a student with intensive needs.
• Ability to handle physically/emotionally demanding children (i.e. aggressive, hyperactive students)


Understand the “ELECT” document and “How Does Learning Happen”
Patience, kindness, understanding, and respect go a long way in working with our young children. We, in turn, at Preschool Canada, respect and value all the work and dedication our staff put into their work with our children.
What we can offer:
You will work for Preschool Canada, Supported by York Region
Approx. 30 hours a week, depending on centre needs.
Welcoming and diverse working environment.

Closing Date

October 2, 2022